The difficult art of creating the long-term relationship

The difficult art of creating the long-term relationship

Honaro allows you to use the latest business solutions – it is a social-network CRM, which your business can use to manage its relationships.

Some benefits of the Honaro Social CRM:

  • Establishing business contacts and retaining them
  • Increasing turnover and customer base
  • Flexible offers, so you can tailor to the needs of specific clients
  • Raise the quality of customer service
  • Increase cross-selling and up-selling to existing customers
  • Target marketing plans using our customer segmentation

The social aspect of the Honaro CRM is implemented through our relationships module. Only those with whom you are in a relationship – and thus subject to verification -- can post reviews, evaluate your business, add references and recommend your business to others.



There are several ways to gain relationships:

  • by sending out invitations
  • using our system of codes which are generated through the platform

a) from a client: A client gets a code on a receipt from your business. When he or she enters that code, they are automatically connected as a client.

b) from your business: A client takes a uniquely-generated Honaro coupon. On this coupon is a code. When the coupon is redeemed, the code is entered, and that person is now connected as a client.

Everyone who uses Honaro, has not only the chance to check the opinions of other Internet users, but also to see if their friends have used a business and consider it to be worthy of reccommendation. These are the opinions – according to statistics – that consumers trust most.

With our relatinships feature, you can control how close your connections are. One way Honaro users create a community around a company is through the organization of events, promotional campaigns, meeings and trainings.

Contact segmentation is one of our most useful marketing tools. It allows your business to prepare and send out targeted mailings. This is a great way to keep people from viewing your incoming emails as spam.


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