Want a prosperous business? Ensure you have a good opinion!

Reviews that customers find on the web determine their purchasing decisions. Have you been to an Internet forum and taken a look at what people are writing about your business?



Online opnions of customers are crucial to sales. The Honaro platform provides a place for the collection and presentation of these reviews.

What distinguishes Honaro is that we guarantee that all our onlline opinions and reviews come only from real and verified customers.

The competition is after your reputation

Are you losing customers because of negative opninions on the web? Do you find slanderous opinions randomly posted about your business on Internet forums? The battle for clients has moved increasingly to the Internet, and especially to the trolling community on opinions forums. It's no wonder that buzz marketing has become such a powerful marketing weapon. On one hand, it is the most effective way to get new customers, while on the other, it is the easiest way to destroy competition.

It may seem at times like your business is defenseless against this unfair brand of competition. With Honaro, you can fight back. We provide effective protection through our unique customer verification system. Only customers with whom you accept a relationship can post opinions online. The identity of the client is specified through a series of unique codes, and through special invites to groups.

Gather opinions and testimonials today, and watch your company's credibility grow.

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